I've Got iPod Withdrawl

My 4th gen 20 GB iPod finally gave up the ghost on Thursday. The first sign? I kept locking up when I tried to transfer files to it. So I followed the instructions, removed Rockbox from it and put the original firmware back. Restored it (according to the Apple instructions again) and everything seemed ok.

Put it kept locking up while uploading files from iTune. Finally, all it would do is boot up and show me the "folder with an exclamation point" symbol. Which means the hard drive is fux0rd. Since I am smart and bought the extended warranty when I got it on Boxing Day 2004 I took it back to Best Buy. They confirmed my analysis of a borked hard drive and out it goes for repairs. Sniff

When Best Buy fixed our digital camera they went down to the last day before they would have to give me a new one and called me to tell me to come and get it. I'm hoping they won't be able to fix the iPod and that they will have to give me a new one...which means a low-end video iPod.

Of course, I'm never that lucky.