Scratchin' An Itch

Reworking the website for my simulation baseball league has brought forth my wanna-do-something side. The website is looking good, and the next step is to get the theme that I want working properly and implement that stats-on-demand module that I've been promising.

However, I've also wanted to do something that I could share with other people. In this case, I've decided to start an open source project. My favourite programmer girl Amy Hoy recently went through a site meltdown thanks to a cheatsheet getting dugg. In that article she said that she wished she had a Rails-based weblog tracking application to use. Some further discussions via IM with Amy convinced me that this is something I could do.

At my previous employer I did write a bunch of website-tracking code. It was not very efficient in it's first incarnation but by the time I got around to getting the okay for a rewrite, they replaced it with something else that they paid a TON of money for. Ah well. Being older and wiser (and more experienced with such things) I know how I'd do this using Rails, so we'll see if I can put my money where my mouth is.

Anyhow, I've set up a small page for r00bstat just to get it out there. I've already been working on the plugin part with some testing coming up in the near future (unit tests to be included!), but the accompanying Rails appication to display the data is the daunting part of the task. I have a few ideas...and being able to develop on my laptop on the train is good way to try these things out.

Thanks to my friend Derek for helping me to come up with a suitable Web 2.0 name for the project. -)