Help Make SubEthaEdit Free!

If you program on a Mac, maybe you've used <a href="//"">SubEthaEdit from CodingMonkeys. It's a cool text editing tool that lets you do collaborative editing. I tried it once with some of my buddies and the three of us we hacked out some code all at the same time. Really cool stuff.

Well, BLOGZOT 2.0 on has decided to offer SubEthaEdit at a reduced cost. Every person who blogs about it helps drive the price down. This means that MacZOT and TheCodingMonkeys will award $105,000 in Mac software if the price goes all the way down to zero. SubEthaEdit does syntax highlighting for all the major languages, and integrates with an FTP client of your choice to save your work on a remote server.

Blog about this and we can get a copy FOR FREE!. Spread the wurd.