Batman Year 100

Some of you may know that I used to own a comic book store with my sister back in the mid-90's. I haven't bought many comics since the store closed. Warren Ellis' "Desolation Jones" is just about the only one other than a few graphic novels here and there.

These days I work just around the corner from one of the oldest comic book stores in Toronto so I decided to venture over there and see if I could find a copy of a comic that had generated a lot of buzz by being in an issue of Wired magazine.

Batman 100 is a 4 book series that takes place in some whacked-out, futuristic police-state America in the year 2039. Bruce Wayne (who should be something like 140 years old at this point) is back as Batman...and the government has no record of who he is or where they can find him. There's some weirdness going on with the federal gov't, Commissioner Gordon's grandson is Commissioner now, and Batman is now this aggressive, feral creature who doesn't seem to hesitate to try and kill people who get in his way. Grim and gritty for sure.

They're up to issue 2. If you're into comics at all I suggest you try and track down some copies. As is typical of most comics, the first issue is hard to find but issues 2 through 4 should be easy to come by.