Gimme That PHP Lovin'

Yes. I admit it. I like PHP.

I've been working exclusively in PHP for so long writing PHP code has become second nature to me. When I use other languages I ask myself how I would do this in PHP, then look for the equivalent in whatever language I'm using, whether it be Perl or Ruby or whatever.

Now, as Ruby-On-Rails has picked up speed, my old, comfortable friend PHP has been getting beaten up all over the place. It's too simple! It's messy! It has no structure! It lacks consistency!

Now, I like Rails too...but Rails isn't perfect either. I'm still waiting to hear of a Rails-based application that takes the type of traffic that some PHP-based applications my former employers. Harry Fueks has posted an excellent rant in support of PHP on his blog.

Go read it and tell me that PHP isn't the right tool for creating large web sites.

Which reminds me...I've finished the rough draft of my article for php|architect magazine. Just under 4100 words, and I have a few diagrams and code examples to put in. I'm pretty happy with it but I'm sure the editors will have a few things they will want me to fix. No problem. If there's one thing I've learned, it's how to handle people critiquing my work and suggesting changes. Can't be a developer without that skill, believe me.