Why Being An Optimist Sometimes Pays Off

My lovely wife can tell you that I am of the optimist persuasion, confident that Fate has dealt me a good hand and that any problems I encounter will always turn out in my favour given enough time. Here is such an example.

Back at the beginning of December, end of November, there was a call put out for papers for the php|tek convention going on in Orlando, FLA in April. Alas, my submission was not accepted so I won't be going. Which sucks.

However, I did receive an e-mail from them saying (and I'm paraphrasing here) ""we got your submission, it didn't fit into what we needed but we think it could make a great article for the magazine." So, they sent me some documents (tips on how to write for them and a template for creating an article) and asked me to do up a 5 or 6 paragraph summary of a potential article for them. If they like it, then I'll go full bore and write the article for them.

Way cool, I tell you.

Chalk up another victory for Fate.