Work Commences on New IBL Site

Yes, gentle reader, we're finally getting underway with the long-awaited IBL website. I had bandied about ideas for what technology to use. I'm still not 100% sure, but it's obviously going to be some sort of content management system. I'm not going to write my own because, well, I really don't have the time for such things these days.

Drupal is one that I am seriously taking a look at because, well, it fits the idea of a "content management system" and is written in PHP. And it's open source, which means I can go in there and hackyhackyhacky anything that we need fixed.

Also, by moving to a CMS-type site, it frees up our poor webguru to simple publish entries via an already-created interface AND work on the look and feel of the site. It will also let our registrar and our statitician to post stuff up to the site as well in an easier format. We have some existing online-scripts that I will have to figure out how to hook the output from them into Drupal. But I'm a ZCE, so I should know how to do it. -)