Better Outcomes

I’m not a New Year’s resolution type but here are some suggestions for my fellow devs of things I believe can lead to better outcomes:

Learn your IDE/editor better: I spent a lot of 2021 refining my Vim setup and I plan on adding increased use of VimWiki for making notes and linking things together.

If your dynamic language of choice supports types, start using them and static analysis tools. It leads to much clearer intent and can catch problems at the edges.

Focus on automation. Stop doing things manually the computer can do for you. Take the time to semi-automate manual processes first. It frees your brain up to solve different problems.

Make continuous learning a foundation of everything you do. Even after 23 years of getting paid to program, I learn new things almost every day.

Remember that what people call “luck” is often you having the skills to take advantage of an opportunity.

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